Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Agghhh!! Its nearly here!

Well, not quite - but i've just seen the flipping tralier. SATC2
Here you go to if you want a swizz.
SATC has always been my favourite, from season 1 to the first film the gals did. It inspires my fashion juices so well. Patricia Field is a female fashion Don! I love her and what she throws on Carrie. When Carrie did her wedding shoot for Vogue in the film I nearly died watching it. It actually made me cry a little. The programmes and film have, to date, been a big inspiration, and I cannot wait to watch SatC2 in May 2010!

The picture at the top of Carrie in season 3 I think it was, was my fav outfit of hers..boob tube with a gold heart chain. I went out and bought that outfit and I loved it. love love love love love love!!

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