Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I've moved home to a new blog that looks super fly!

Come and find me over the way on my new Tumblr blog. Its easier to hrow all things wedding-like.
Follow me fellow bride-etes! x

Sunday, 28 February 2010

I got the summertime blues

Its really rubbish weather-wise so i'm gonna attemp and I stress the word attempt a colour mood board.
Lets go!

Hmm. Not quite what I anticipated but do get my idea? Blues, greens and steely greys in metal details on a hazy hot summers day wedding? Yes? Superb!

Preston Bailey

He is an absolute master, a don!
I am ashamed i've not made a mention of him earlier. The ultimate event planner and the ability to turn dry spaces into absolute masterpieces. Have a look at his website for inspiration. His work is on a very grande scale, something I'm not at yet! but his work can definitely inspire the humblest of weddings and events. I've said it a few times in previous posts, I love. WOOF!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


This morning whilst swishing and swooshing around on my iPhone I see that the divine are going all bridal! I love how anything wedding is so accesable these days.
Av a butchers, it looks great.

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Love H&R x

Monday, 15 February 2010

Fake it to make it

I love a good bouquet of flowers BUT what if they're really not your bag? And your mother in law to be keeps asking you what flowers you'll be having on the tables?
Please her and please yourself with crafty flowers I say. The one made of material below look very tricky to make (featured on one of my fav blogs 100 layer cake) However the paper ones,I think look very cute and if you have kids or small nieces and nephews who love a bit of tissue paper, get them involved - Free labour!

For the record though, my favorite flower of the moment is the posie. I love posies

Sunday, 14 February 2010

NY fashion week is well underway

I'll put on my best reporter lyrical tomorrow and highlight the best bits of Monday.
Let's see what colours, dresses get our wedding jus flowing.

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Love H&R x

Testing 1.2.3

Excuse me..... In a stage of testing, technology is too much. I might go back to the scrapbook ....
In the meantime to add some colour to this post, please see below the tshirts I made for me and my beau to wear alll day for vallys. HA!

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Love H&R x