Sunday, 17 January 2010

Lets start of January with a little from Mrs Wang

It is a slight cliché but I really do love and am inspired by Vera - Everything she does from design to brand extension to explaining the importance of the length of an isle at a wedding, has such true understanding and method that i'm really touched by. She knows what's good and totally gets tradition and also the modernity that weddings are shaped by today. Her approach to all things wedding is effortlessly genuis!

Just a few Vera Wang gowns from her Spring 2010 collection and a note on each of them...

White gown - Ultra classic, delicate and feminine. I think a white dress can look stark if worn in the wrong environment or even season but if you get it right its such a powerful statement.

Citrus gown - I am and i'm sure everyone else is seeing the traditional wedding colour palette slip every now and again for colours such as this citrus themed gown. I love it, the layering and would be such a divine kick of colour to a late spring/early summer wedding. Citrus is also a great colour themes for wedding receptions. The colours pop so well against a plain backdrop or stone walls.

Black gown - I have mentioned black a few posts back and I do mean to go on about it! Firstly lets get the stunning organza style layers, sweetheart neck line out the way - Beautiful. This design tones down any harshness the black might have. I really am digging it - And I dont mean black should be used in a goth sense along with black nail varnish and neon pink ribbons to boot, NO! But a black dress in the right style as this one, I think, is dramatically stunning.

Thanks Vera

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