Sunday, 4 October 2009

Yes, you do need me/us in your wedding life

I'm always thinking of ways to banish the myth that only the stars or loaded people hire a wedding planner - NOT TRUE
Below is a piece taken from a real life weddings blog - It sums up how useful planners really are in getting it all done, whilst you get on with your day and life leading up to it!

Hire a coordinator if you can possibly afford it. This also gets filed under “don’t believe your catering manager when they tell you you don’t need to hire a coordinator because they will handle it.”

This one amazes me. I know our venue tells perspective brides that they will handle all the details. My catering manager didn’t even show up the day of my wedding! Not only that, but we had a whole contract with all the necessary details that the banquet manager had in his possession, but still managed to screwed up just about everything that was on it. If it hadn’t been for my coordinator, there would have been NO one there who could advocate for me and get things set up the way she knew they were supposed to be. She spent almost the whole day running around putting out fires the hotel started and I can’t even imagine what would have happened if she hadn’t been there!

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